Tropical clothing from Craghoppers

by Raj

Tropical clothing Craghoppers
The British Craghoppers has been a specialist in the field of insect-resistant travel clothing since 1965. Many of the products are impregnated with the non-toxic NosiLife or are made using the NosiDefence weave. NosiLife is effective against mosquitoes, tsetse flies and ticks. In addition, the products have undergone anti-bacterial treatment. The shirts and pants from Craghoppers will make your stay in Suriname or a jungle walk in the interior a lot more pleasant.


Reizen in de tropen is niet geheel zonder risico’s, zeker als u naar bijvoorbeeld malariagebieden afreist. Potentiële gevaren die u tegen zou kunnen komen zijn onder andere: een zonnesteek, verbranding (door kleding heen) door overmatige blootstelling aan de zon, teken, bloedzuigers of muggen die ziektes over kunnen brengen.

Insect repellent materiaal
In addition to the fact that there are anti-malarial medicines, it is best to use an insect repellent containing DEET. Tropical clothing has a weave density that ensures that it is 100% mosquito-proof. Another solution is offered by Craghoppers that the textile has been impregnated with a permanent insect repellent (Nosilife).

UV Protection Factor
Many people are not well aware of how quickly the skin can burn due to the amount of UV radiation in the tropics. UV protection is extremely important to the tropics. For warm travel destinations and outdoor activities, therefore, a garment is required that is comfortable, lightweight, breathable, strong, durable, moisture-regulating and sun-reflective. For the tropics, a garment with a UPF value of 40+ is a must.

Fast-drying and breathable
It is ofcourse important, in warm tropical areas, that the clothing feels airy and comfortable! The clothing usually has a somewhat wider fit than other outdoor clothing. Moreover, the textile is often a mix of mainly polyester, polyamide and a little cotton. The natural product cotton feels very nice, but the disadvantage of cotton is that it gets very wet at a given time, hardly dries and is relatively heavy. Polyester and polyamide (nylon), on the other hand, are lightweight, durable and quick-drying.

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