Safety and security

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Suriname is basically a safe country. Before you go to Suriname, always consult the current travel advice in Suriname.

Crimes occur in Suriname, such as pickpocketing and theft. But also more violent, sometimes using firearms and machetes. Often these are incidents and this violence is not specifically aimed at tourists.

Just like in any holiday destination, it is best to be careful as a tourist. If you are staying in a hotel or apartment, night surveillance is recommended. Leave valuables in a safe in the hotel. Do not wear striking jewelry and do not lose sight of your belongings.

In a general sense, it is wise to always use reliable taxis. They can always be found. For example, only use the taxis recommended by the hotel.

It is not advised to travel on your own inland. Do that preferably in an organized way, there are tour operators in Suriname.

It is recommended not to walk alone in the street in the evening. This applies especially to area’s outside the city center in Paramaribo, which is located near Torarica hotel.

Avoid remote area’s such as quiet streets and quiet parks. There are also stray dogs on the street, who generally do nothing, but caution is still required.

Measures can easily be taken with anti theft accessories (see also

If you really need help then these are the emergency numbers in Suriname:

Police: 115
Ambulance 113
Fire brigade: 110

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