Mix of cultures in Suriname

by Raj

Suriname (Sranan) has a mix of cultures, the ancestors of the Surinamese come from all over the world. And that is quite noticeable. Indians are seen as the original local population of Suriname. Now still a few thousand live in Suriname.

The origins of all other inhabitants must be found elsewhere, Hindus from India, Creoles and Maroons from Africa, Javanese from Indonesia, Jews from Spain and Portugal, Boeroes from the Netherlands, Chinese and Brazilians. All this is supplemented by, mainly Dutch trainees and tourists, who are often here for a short time, but who have an influence.

As an outsider in the country, you can see the different cultures best in the eating habits. The national Surinamese dishes include roti (thanks to the Hindustanis), sao soup (Javanese), noodles (Chinese) and cassava and all its derivatives (Marrons).

Surinamese know ‘No Spang’ (no stress) and are real bon vivants! If you stay in Suriname for a long time, you really have to get used to it.

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