Here starts the adventure Suriname

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When you arrive in Suriname and get off the plane, you experience the tropical immediately. The feel the sun burning on your skin, you smell of nature and forest and enjoy the sounds of tropical birds. That is Surinam!

The first day you settle down at ‘ ’t Vat’ or relax in the lounge at hotel Torarica, in the centre of Paramaribo, to enjoy Parbo beer and good food. And of course it is time to make plans for what you will do in the coming days.

And yes, of course I would like to help you with that. Suridays is intended as a source of information for you, so that you are well prepared for Suriname. With more understanding of Suriname, you will certainly be better able to enjoy what the country has to offer.

Suriname is located in the Amazon region and nature is overwhelmingly beautiful. Suriname is one of the forest richest countries in the world with 90 percent forest. Suriname is characterized by pristine rainforest, swirling rivers, beautiful waterfalls and an unprecedented flora and fauna, but also beautiful mangrove forests, savannas and beautiful river beaches.

It is, however, not only the nature that makes Suriname unique, but also the harmonious mix of cultures, the unique city of Paramaribo, the wealth of historical remains of the colonial past and a possible encounter with the indigenous population, which continues to this day. lives according to age-old traditions, making a journey through Suriname a journey that will you will not forget. And ofcourse, the extensive and tasty Surinamese food is part of the experience.

What makes it easier for Dutch tourists is that Dutch is still the only official language and a large part of the Surinamese also speak Dutch.

Respect the local people of Suriname and accept their kindness. But know that they are, in general, far less good living conditions than the more wealthy nations. And if you leave Suriname again, I hope that you also board the plane with a ‘Surinamese smile’ on your face.

Enjoy your suridays!

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