Build your dream

by Raj

Suriname is a nice place to buy a house for living or holidays. This is certainly a great way to enjoy life. The weather is tropical and great. Many people have interest in buying a house in Suriname, and there are others even want to emigrate to this country with lots of sunshine.

You can come to an existing house or build your own dream house. Neighborhoods are also created where you can buy the houses for construction. In Suriname you have different types of houses. Properties are cheaper than in Europe and you can certainly buy a good house, if you decide to sell your own house in the Netherlands orso, and decide to emigrate to Suriname.

For many, building your own house is a dream. People start realizing their long-held wish, have often saved money, but do not always realize what the risks are. Many call themselves a good builder or contractor in Suriname, but during construction you discover that the quality leaves something to be desired. It often happens that a builder / builder has to change several times before building a house. In addition, builders often want to get paid in advance, which means that risks of non-performance will also be with you.

Building a house yourself has the advantage that you can have it built completely the way you want. If you take a good approach, it is cheaper to build a house yourself than to buy an existing one. If you have a house built as a private individual, you certainly have to work with a reliable contractor and architect. In addition, you must keep a finger on the pulse during construction. In addition to the money involved, this also costs a lot of time and effort.

It is very important to also be aware of the rainy period. Many sewers do not work well during the rainy season, so you should pay attention to this when looking for a home. So make sure you also view the houses during the rainy period. Only in this way can you see whether the sewer system is functioning properly.

Suriname is also a great country to build your own real estate. You must then be in possession of permits and ofcourse have a building plan. You can only get a permit when you have a good building plan and ofcourse enough money available. A financial adviser can also help you on your way if you want to buy a home yourself.

For example, it is important to know what the title of the land is on which the house stands and what that means. There are roughly two basic titles possible, namely ‘ownership’ and ‘domain ground’. Domain land is still the property of the state, you must apply for land lease. To obtain this land lease, it is a requirement that you are a resident in Suriname. If you are not going to settle permanently in Suriname, that is therefore not possible. With property land there is no limitation, that land is privately owned and you can just buy it.

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