Bridge over Suriname river

by Raj

The Jules Wijdenbosch bridge is the bridge over the river Suriname, between Paramaribo and the place Meerzorg in district Commewijne. The bridge is also called “Suriname bridge”. The bridge provides a faster connection between Paramaribo and the district of Commewijne on the other side, in particular the town of Meerzorg. The intention of the bridge is to promote the development of the Eastern part of Suriname. Previously this area was only accessible by ferry.

On May 20, 2000 the festive opening of the bridge took place. Over forty thousand people attended this event. The arrival of the bridge certainly meant economic progress in the district of Commewijne. There is now more activity there in the form of shops, but also tourism.

There are four bridges across the Suriname River: the Jules Wijdenbosch bridge in Paramaribo (2000), a steel bridge at Afobaka, the Suralco bridge at Paranam (2006) and a bridge at Carolina (2014).

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